Seamless backgrounds moiré / Бесшовные фоны Муар

Moire pattern (moire, from Fr. Moiré) - a pattern that occurs when two periodic mesh patterns. The phenomenon is due to the fact that the repetitive elements of the two figures follow a slightly different frequency, and then superimposed on each other, form a gap.
Moire pattern is observed when applied at each other different parts of the net curtains.
The concept of "moire" is derived from tissue moire, which is used for finishing of this phenomenon.
Moire pattern occurs when the digital photographing and scanning the net and other periodic images, if their period is close to the distance between the light-sensitive elements of the equipment. This fact is used in one of the mechanisms for the protection of banknotes against counterfeiting: the bill is applied to a wave-like pattern, which when scanned can be covered with a very noticeable pattern that distinguishes a fake from the original.
Муаровый узор – это характерное переплетение двух периодических четчатых рисунков, у которых различная частота. Примером муарового узора может служить тюль. Выбирайте один из муаровых фонов для оформления.

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